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How to Name Things

Two Hard Problems in Computer Science

  1. Cache invalidation
  2. Naming things
  3. Off-by-one errors

Phil Karlton

IT World

Coding Horrors

if (data) {
	if (data.data) {
		data = data.data;


Programming is communication

Lesser mortals write for computers

Great developers write for humans


Give a name for the variable

decimal ??? = 0;

forEach (item in cart)
	??? += item.Price;


Leverage mutual knowledge

Engage in reflexive thinking

Good names are

  1. Readable
  2. Accurate
  3. Descriptive
  4. Short, but no shorter
  5. Unique
  6. Memorable

Bad names are

  1. nsReqProd
  2. getName() with side-effects
  3. Object
  4. flushAllTemporaryBuffersIfClearFlagIsSet()
  5. VideoItemCover
  6. a



Library | Namespace

Class | Module

Function | Method | Procedure | Routine


Casing Conventions


camelCase (lower)




Naming Conventions

  • C# Pascal for classes, methods; Camel for variables
  • Java Pascal for classes; Camel for methods, variables
  • Python Pascal for classes; Camel/Snake for functions, variables
  • Ruby Camel for classes; Snake for functions, variables
  • JavaScript Camel for constructors; Camel for functions, variables

Stick to the convention of a language, even in mixed-language programming
Exception: if developers cross languages frequently

Variable Naming


  • Prefer why > what THREE = 3 (bad)
  • Look to domain terminology
  • Identify points of variation
  • Use opposites previous/next
  • Use literal phrases totalCustomersInCanada
  • Contextualize with qualifiers itemPrice vs item.price

Variable Naming


  • Use ASCII characters only
  • Avoid confusing characters oO0iIl1
  • Avoid words with multiple meanings number
  • Avoid overloading established words stack
  • Use full words and standard abbreviations

Variable Naming


  • Standardize order of qualifiers fruitTotal vs totalFruit
  • Spellcheck US or UK
  • Prefix booleans with is- or has-
  • Avoid negatives isInactiveDisabled
  • Pluralize enums and collections

Variable Naming


Replace condition with variable

string displayName;

if (patient != null
    && patient.name != null
    && patient.name != ""
    && !privacyPolicy.isAnonymous(patient))
	displayName = String.format("Patient {0}", patient.name);
	displayName = "X";

Function Naming


  • Prefer why > how
  • Look to domain terminology
  • Refer to recognized patterns Factory.create()
  • Look for established concepts push, pop, flush
  • Think symmetry open(file)/close(file)

Function Naming


  • Use prepositions for transformations celsiusToFarenheit()
  • Standardize syntax of getters/setters Product.Price() vs Product.GetPrice()
  • Avoid words with multiple meanings number
  • Avoid overloading established words stack
  • Use full words and standard abbreviations

Function Naming


Name the function

public TaxRules ??? (PricingContext context)
if (context.hasTaxOverride) {
	return context.getTaxOverride();
else if (context.isTaxFree) {
	return new NullTaxRules();
else if (context.geo !== null) {
	if (!context.geo.isInEu) {
		return new EuTaxRules();
	else {
		return new DefaultTaxRules();
else {
	return null;

Concept Naming


  • Create portmanteaus facetime
  • Use metaphors and analogies token
  • Invoke imagery toast
  • Tell a story bug
  • Consult a thesaurus

Concept Naming


  • Avoid made-up words cystilizer
  • Avoid overloaded words kernel
  • Avoid trademarks Xerox, Google

Concept Naming


Pull to refresh components

Fast Company

Fluffy Words Greylist

  • Verbs do, handle, process, perform
  • Nouns callback, car1 car2, data, feature, handler, manager, object, thing
  • Adjectives fast, normal, smart, temp



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